On-line and interactive Urban Poling and Activator course


Learn how to walk using the Urban Poling method of Nordic walking as well as the adapted Activator model and method for clinical conditions. This popular live course is now available as an on-line course which includes webinars and a one-on-one interactive learning session.

Price includes a set of Activator poles and conversion boot tips to enable Nordic walking as well.

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Pole Walking Australia presents our popular Urban Poling and Activator day course (Australian version)  in an interactive live format. The course consists of:

Core topics (webinars): introduction to Urban Poling/Nordic walking, including research; introduction to Activator poles, including research; posture and poles other conditions

Primary conditions – Minimum number 3 (webinars): older adults; parkinson’s disease; stroke/ABI; hip/Knee rehabilitation; spinal injuries; cancer care

Tutorial session (live on-line) – The course comes with a one-on-one individualised live tutorial session.

Course cost of $229.00 is inclusive of a set of Activator poles and conversion boot tips (valued  together at $169.50), up to 7 hours of webinar and video content, and tutorial session.

Presenter: Physiotherapist, Dr. Juliette Fritschi

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